Questions & Answeres

The site is located by Åbyvägen, Johansfors IP. You can see the directions HERE

Payment & inclusives

230 SEK for parking with electricity (no AC).
180 SEK for assigned parking without electricity, parking 10-14.
If you park on places 1-9 or 16-18 you will be charged 230 SEK even if you do not use electricity since it is electricity parking.

Within the price of all parking is bathroom/shower, emptying of latrine and greywater and refill of freshwater.

If AC is requested there will be an additional bill of 50 SEK/day.

You can pay with cash or card. Pay when the host is arriving. Or you can go to the gas station in the village (Bruksgatan 10).

For the gas station opening hours, please take a look here.

Rules & Order

It is fine to use your awning, feel at home!
Do not forget to respect our environment and animals. To respect our fellow campers we wish that loud noises is avoided between 11pm-7am

Please pick up after yourselves and use our recycling bins.
There are rugs to borrow for parking 16-18. We would like to see them brushed of and rolled up after use. There are brushes on the site.

You are not allowed to share electricity with non electricity parking. Nor are you allowed to connect to another outlet than the one on your parking. This is not because we are grumpy, but the fuses can not handle it.

Shower & toilets

Shower and toilets are a few steps away from the site, In the building by the sports field. There are two bathrooms, one is in the same place as the showers. There are two communal showers.

Keep your distance

There should be at least 4,5 meters in between the cars. Remember to not park each other in, and keep emergency escape ways clear.

No double parking allowed, and during the height of the season you might have to park your car somewhere else than your caravan.

Water & latrine

The green hose by the sink is freshwater. 

For emptying grey water use the black bowl with a handle that hangs on the fence.
You will find the emptying of latrine on the inside of the gates.


Arrival/departure should be at 12.00. If you arrive earlier and your place is free you are allowed to park earlier. If you choose to stay after 12, you will be debited for another day.

During your booking we are within our rights to release the parking, if you arrive later than 18.00, and do not give us a notice.

Welcome to make us a visit